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Hasanga Jayasekera

Mr Jayasekera is a General and Laparoscopic Surgeon working in Bendigo and the surrounding regions.

He studied medicine at the University of Queensland and completed his Specialist Surgical Training at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne in 2020.


Mr Hasanga "Jay" Jayasekera
FRACS (Australia)   MBBS (Qld)

General and Laparoscopic Surgeon

Phone :    03 4433 2100

Phone :    0487 947 542

Email :

Rooms : 

12 Rowan St, Bendigo

Vic 3550

My Vision

To provide a high quality, reliable surgical service to the regional community

To aim for excellence in professional standards and outcomes

To ensure the provision of the optimal and most evidence based treatment

Surgical Experience


Since completing my General Surgery training, I have trained further in: 

  •     Upper gastro-intestinal and hepato-biliary surgery

  •     Basic Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

  •     Advance Laparoscopic Surgery

Surgical Expertise

Mr Jayasekera has worked at a number of tertiary hospitals dealing with a broad range of surgical and medical conditions. These include acute and elective presentations. The procedures he manages on a regular basis include :

             General Surgical Conditions :

                  - Hernia : Abdominal wall and Groin Hernia

                 - Laparoscopic "Key Hole" surgery

                 - Laparoscopic surgery for benign & malignant conditions

                 - Laparoscopic Appendicectomy

                 - Gall Stones and Gallbladder Pathology

                 - Skin Lesions and Melanoma

                 - Bowel Tumours and Bowel Cancer

                 - Gastric and Pancreatic and Splenic Conditions

                 - Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease management

                 - Hiatal hernia repair and fundoplication

                 - Breast and Axillary Surgery - Benign and Malignant

            Endoscopic Procedures: 

                - Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy referrals

               - Endoscopic management of strictures and webs


          Other procedures :

                - Insertion of Oncology and Dialysis Catheters

               - Vasectomy


The Director of Clinical Training post that I occupy at Bendigo Health enables me to be involved with the mentorship and growth of junior doctors. This provides guidance for emerging professionals to pursue the career pathway of their choice and contribute to the community.

I am a Surgical trainer through the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and am actively involved in training a new generation of surgeons.

I am a member of my local CFA



  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

  • Australian and New Zealand  Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgeons Association

  • Australian and New Zealand  Gastro-Oesophageal Surgeons Association

  • Gastro-Enterological Society of Australia ( Endoscopy) 

  • General Surgeons of Australia

  • Australian Medical Association

  • MIPS

Future Goals


I am currently completing my training in robotic surgery and intend to provide the Loddon Mallee region with this expertise in the near future

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